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Vinho Rose / Rose Wine Niepoort Redoma Douro 2017 列多馬桃紅葡萄酒 2017

Vinho Rose / Rose Wine Niepoort Redoma Douro 2017 列多馬桃紅葡萄酒 2017


The 2017 viticultural year experienced a dry winter, with much lower rainfall than the average in the past 30 years. A hot and dry spring followed, with heat waves which persisted to the beginning of summer. With the increase of average temperatures and the lack of rainfall, we have seen an advance of about 2 weeks in the vines’ vegetative cycle, from budbreak to veraison.

This situation carried on through summer, leading to an early start to a harvest that proved to be particularly intense and short.

The grapes stem from Quinta de Nápoles and other nearby vineyard sites, and were harvested between 8 and 20 August. After a meticulous sorting process, the fruit was briefly pressed at low temperatures in order to avoid oxidation and excessive colour extraction. After being left to settle for 24 hours, the juice was fermented in new French oak barrels for approximately 2 months. The resulting wine was then transferred to stainless steel tanks where it matured for 7 months before being bottled in May 2018.

With its brilliant salmon pink hue, the Redoma Rosé offers a deeply elegant aromatic profile, with notes of dried flowers, red berries and a delicate smoky character. With its beautifully expressive and dry palate, this is a Rosé that promises to develop further in bottle and to lend itself very well to food pairings. The palate offers plenty of acidity and freshness as well as some body. The wine’s fresh fruity notes are balanced out superbly by its minerality, ending in a lasting and delicate finish.