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Rosemary honey with Apple and Cinnamon

Rosemary honey with Apple and Cinnamon


From the aromatic mixture of rosemary honey and apple with cinnamon, a flavour recognized by everyone, we obtain honey with warm and delicate flavour, with a touch of cinnamon flavour and scent. Light honey, with smooth and aromatic flavuor, collected by honey bees in the abundant fields of rosemary located on the lower slopes of 'Serra da Malcata', in the Northern region of Portugal's mainland, a nature reserve with 21.000 hectares. The dehydrated apple, of Portuguese origin, is cut into thin slices, and after a drying process that reduce its humidity to 2%, in a controlled environment, without adding any sugar, colouring or conservatives, its created a 100% natural product. The cinnamon, with a warm and fragrant aroma, gives this product antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitics properties, and also numerous health benefits.

This combination is perfect for bruschetta’s, sharp cheese, pork, sandwiches, fried banana, baked pear or beverages such as smoothies and sangrias.

Ingredients: Honey (99%), apple and cinnamon (1%).