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Meia Duzia PACK Nº 1 - Honey Experiences - Elderberry

Meia Duzia PACK Nº 1 - Honey Experiences - Elderberry


The heather honey, provenient from Serra da Estrela, has an outstanding flavour and scent, and is a source of energy due to its high amount of natural sugar. Mixed with the elderberry, which has a high antioxidant power, this product becomes invigorating, ideal to refill the energy by the end of the day.

Suggestions of use / Chefs / Recipes
Orange Blossom Honey with Chili - with a versatile use from shrimp skewers with mango, honey and garlic sauce for grilled meat, honey and mustard sauce, samosas sauce, pork with orange and mango, slow-roasted chicken with orange and sesame seeds, orange and carrot soup, spinach salads, pineapple cocktails, and burgers, it also pairs exceptionally well with either blue or fresh goat cheese. Multifloral Biologic Honey - it's idealy enjoyed with salad dressings or grilled tilapia fish, Moroccan chicken, or in desserts such as yoghurt mousse with roses, coconut cake, pear muffins, chocolate with almonds, lavender cupcakes, Lavender Panna Cotta, and brownies. Rosemary Honey with Apple and Cinnamon - this combination is perfect for bruschetta’s, sharp cheese, pork, sandwiches, fried banana, baked pear or beverages such as smoothies and sangrias. 'Serra da Estrela' Heather Honey with Elderberry - ideal to recoup your lost energy at the end of a long day. It combines easily with a crepe or in the preparation of a relaxing drink. Eucalyptus Honey with 'Passa' Pear - it's perfect for revitalizing your energy losses after a gym session. It's a pefect combination with bruschetta, rustic bread, sandwiches, peach with mascarpone and honey, grilled shrimp, lobster spaghetti or salads, ice-creams, or in your favourite cocktails (with vodka, vanilla, lemon, ginger and honey). 'Serra da Lousã' Honey with Ginger - balances perfectly with meat dishes and in the preparation of bittersweet sauces.

Composition \ Nutritional Information
Heather Honey (98%) and dry Elderberries (2%)