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Meia Duzia PACK Nº 1 Handmade Liqueur white box (6 liqueurs)

Meia Duzia PACK Nº 1 Handmade Liqueur white box (6 liqueurs)



Handmade Lemon Liqueur | Handmade Aromatic Herbs Liqueur | Handmade Fig Tree Liqueur | Handmade Walnut Liqueur | Handmade Cherry Liqueur | Handmade Chocolate and Milk Liqueur. Discover 6 surprising liquor experiences, handmade and containing only top quality fruits and aromatic herbs, this is an experience that promises to surprise! Find out more about liqueur from Portugal: Lemon liqueur, Aromatic Herbs liqueur, Fig liqueur, Walnut liqueur, Cherry liqueur, Penny liqueur, Acorn liqueur, Tangerine liqueur, Coffee liqueur, Chocolate liqueur and how to make the best Cocktails. They go well with cocktails with black vodka, Baileys and whiskey. It can also be consumed simply

Handmade Lemon Liqueur - It's ideally served both chilled or straight up, or even mixed with Martini, Gin or Sangria. It can also be the perfect complement to highlight the lemon flavour in lemon ice-cream. Handmade Aromatic Herbs Liqueur - It can be served straight up or in a variety of cocktails, but combining superbly with Blue Curaçao and red fruits juice. Handmade Fig Tree Liqueur - It can be served straight up or in your favourite mix, and combines extremely well with vodka. Handmade Walnut Liqueur - Ideally tasted chilled fresh and pure, it can be used to add that unique touch to many of your favourite mixtures, like adding a more aromatic component to sangria. It can be enjoyed chilled with ice before the meals, as an appetizer, or at room temperature after meals as a digestive. Handmade Cherry Liqueur - It can be served straight up or chilled, or in different cocktail mixtures, combined with vodka or with your favorite whisky. It can also be used for chocolate fillings. Handmade Chocolate and Milk Liqueur - It combines superbly with cocktails that include limoncello, coffee liqueur and vodka. It can also be served simple, straight up or chilled.

Handmade Lemon Liqueur: Lemon, Sugar, Alcohol and Water. 16.2% vol. 60 ml | Handmade Aromatic Herbs Liqueur: fennel, alcohol, water, sugar, coriander and lemon balm. 13.7% vol. 60 ml | Handmade Fig Tree Liqueur : leaves and shoots of the fig tree, alcohol, sugar, water and vanilla. 24.2% vol. 60 ml | Handmade Walnut Liqueur: nuts, alcohol, sugar, cinnamon and cloves. 24.5% vol. 60 ml | Handmade Cherry Liqueur: cherries, alcohol, sugar, water, cinnamon and cloves. 13.8% vol. 60 ml | Handmade Chocolate and Milk Liqueur: Pasteurized milk, alcohol, sugar, lemon, chocolate and vanilla. 10.5% vol. 60 ml