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Pack 3 - Christmas Tree - Artisanal Liqueurs

Pack 3 - Christmas Tree - Artisanal Liqueurs


Handmade lemon liqueur, Handemade cherry liqueur, Handmade walnut liqueur. Discover 3 surprising liquor experiences, handmade and containing only top quality fruits and aromatic herbs, this is an experience that promises to surprise! Find out more about liqueur from Portugal: Lemon liqueur, Aromatic Herbs liqueur, Fig liqueur, Walnut liqueur, Cherry liqueur, Penny liqueur, Acorn liqueur, Tangerine liqueur, Coffee liqueur, Chocolate liqueur and how to make the best Cocktails. They go well with cocktails with black vodka, Baileys and whiskey. It can also be consumed simply

Handmade Blackberry Liqueur: It’s ideal served with Margaritas but can also be served straight up and chilled. | Handmade Coffee Liqueur: It combines well in cocktails with black vodka, baileys, and whisky. It can also be served simple, straight up or chilled. | Handmade Pennyroyal Liqueur: It can be served both chilled or straight up, with a variety of cocktails, but combines best with the chilled Caipirinha's cocktail.

Handmade lemon liqueur - 60ml | Handmade Cherry Liqueur - 60ml | Handmade Walnut Liqueur - 60ml


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