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Orange Blossom Honey With Chili

Orange Blossom Honey With Chili


This soft and shimmering honey, with a golden tone, is mixed with dehydrated chili that brings to the honey a spicy flavour that contrasts with the sweet taste, typical in the orange blossom honey. The chili, with an intense red colour, is a pungent spice. The seeds spicy flavour is due to the presence of capsaicin (the active ingredient in pepper) and is the causing agent with a fast and energetic stimulation to metabolism.

Our unique combination results in a unique and surprisingly pleasant product, especially for anyone who enjoys unexpected flavours. With a versatile use from shrimp skewers with mango, honey and garlic sauce for grilled meat, honey and mustard sauce, samosas sauce, pork with orange and mango, slow-roasted chicken with orange and sesame seeds, orange and carrot soup, spinach salads, pineapple cocktails, and burgers, it also pairs exceptionally well with either blue or fresh goat cheese.

Ingredients: Honey (99.9%) and chili (0.1%).