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Negrinha do Douro Olive Paste

Negrinha do Douro Olive Paste


Produced in olive groves on the steep slopes of the Douro Valley region, this PDO olive, combined with spices, and only conserved in extra virgin olive oil, has a purplish black color, natural of the fresh olives, a creamy aspect, and may contain small pieces of spices, with intense odor characteristic of fresh olives. This pasta was already recognized internationally by the ITQI Awards 2017 - with 2 stars, having been evaluated by more than 125 Chefs and Sommeliers in a blind test in which parameters such as texture, taste, smell and visual aspect are evaluated.

Ideal for toasted bread; rye bread; wasabi toasts or goat cheese and chard toast; game meat dishes, to season salads such as couscous salad and Greek salad, and pasta, or to spread with cream cheese.

“Negrinha do Douro” olive (81%), virgin olive oil, honey, spices, acidity regulator (citric acid) and salt. Average nutritional declaration per 3.53 oz: energy 284 kcal; fats 1.1 oz; of which saturated fat acids 0.2 oz; carbohydrates 0.0 oz; of which sugars 0.0 oz; proteins 0.0 oz; salt 0.2 oz.