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Monterosa Verdeal Premium Olive Oil 精選初榨橄欖油 (250ml)

Monterosa Verdeal Premium Olive Oil 精選初榨橄欖油 (250ml)


Smooth extra virgin olive oil with nice fruity aroma. Notes of fresh grass and almonds. A good match for Salads, tomatoes, bread and cold soups.

Monterosa story began in 1969 with Detlev von Rosen moving from Sweden to Portugal to produce Iceberg Salad, Tomatoes and Dill during the winter months for the northern European markets where these, until then, had been available only in summer. The mild climate of the Algarve region was ideal for this.

Due to difficulties in getting the products to London, Hamburg and Gothenburg, production quickly changed towards ornamental plants in 1972.

The olives came later, by chance. The olive tree, which needs little irrigation, substituted an orange grove, because of several dry years. Olive trees have been present in Algarve for thousands of years but in modern times the tradition of making olive oil has almost been lost. In 2000 we challenged ourselves to produce a premium olive oil in Algarve.

2016, 2018 及2020年在法國、美國及中國得到著名橄欖油大賽獎項,味道溫和帶有新鮮草和杏仁的果味。完美搭配沙拉、蕃茄、麵包、冷湯和香醋