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Honey collected in 'Serra da Lousã' with ginger

Honey collected in 'Serra da Lousã' with ginger


This honey is harvested in the hills and valleys of 'Serra da Lousã', in the Northern region of Portugal's mainland. It's a mountain honey with characteristics of the heather's blossom which is common in the highlands of these central mountains. This honey is full of personality and offers a strong flavour with a slightly acidic and dense consistency. It has a deep and dark colour and an outstanding scent and flavour with a slight spicy touch because of the added ginger. The ginger's a herbaceous plant with many health benefits and one of the oldest and most famous herbs in the world. It is considered a powerful anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, antioxidant, and bactericide product.

This combination results in a product with an exquisite flavour, which balances perfectly with meat dishes and in the preparation of bittersweet sauces.

Ingredients: Honey (99%) and ginger (1%).