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Ginja Mariquinhas


Ginja Mariquinhas is a traditional family liqueur with strong influences from the region of Óbidos where it is produced. Known as the best Ginja liqueur in Portugal, it is a 100% Natural drink with no dyes or preservatives and produced exclusively with IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) ginja fruits, which make its purity and flavor of much more quality.

The “Mariquinhas” brand is inspired by Fado (traditional Portuguese music), as well as several other Portuguese elements such as Filigranas (gold or silver pieces made by hand) and Embroidery, which through their image convey the true Portuguese culture.

The traditional Mariquinhas Ginja comes in versions with or without fruit, made from just 4 elements: ginja, water, brandy and sugar. Revealing a clear, ruby-colored appearance, it brings the main characteristics of a sour cherry of exceptional quality: acid freshness, liqueurous consistency, intense aroma of ginja and a slight touch of cinnamon.