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Amendoa Amarga 阿蔓垠夏苦杏仁利口酒

Amendoa Amarga 阿蔓垠夏苦杏仁利口酒

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The Original Bitter Almond Liqueur
Traditional drink from the Algarve, obtained from an ancient bitter almond liqueur recipe, it is produced using original and traditional processes.
It can be enjoyed as an aperitif, digestive or cocktail.

20% Alcohol

Tasting Notes
Characteristic aroma of bitter almonds, freshness that remains in a very persistent finish, where the almond suggestions are balanced with the sweet notes.

Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal, S.A., one of the biggest and most innovative wine-making companies in Portugal. We have developed a range of wines throughout the years that has ensured us a solid reputation and the preference of national and international wine lovers. Present in 7 Portuguese wine regions, with a total of 1200 ha of vines from 40 different grape varieties and 3 wine-producing centers, our market presence relies on the strengths of our dimension and of the autonomy in 70% of the production process. Each of the entities that compose Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal, S.A. - Aliança Vinhos de Portugal, Quinta do Carmo and Quinta dos Loridos - has its own distinctive production center, placed within a setting with intrinsic cultural value. The dynamics generated by the intersection of these various identities, explored using the latest technology and the knowledge of a renowned team of experts, guarantees our ability, unrivalled in the competitive Portuguese market, to offer the perfect wine for any occasion.