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Strawberry Extra Jam with Port Wine and Chili

Strawberry Extra Jam with Port Wine and Chili


This Strawberry jam combined with the Portuguese Port Wine, which has a sweetish and warm flavour, with a touch of chili, makes this fruit jam a slightly spicy jam that surprises due to its richness and intensity of flavours.

These subtle flavours make it an ideal pairing with salty appetizers or cream cheese, salad dressings, sushi or beef, and steak. It's also the ideal topping for Crème Brûlée, fillings for chocolates, to create small highlights in cupcakes, muffins, and your favorite parfait. You can also be enjoyed with a Poncha (a traditional drink from 'Madeira' Island, Portugal).

Ingredients: Strawberry (58%), sugar, Port wine (2%), gelling agent (pectin), lemon juice and chili (0.02%). Prepared with 58 g of fruits per 100 g.