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Red Pepper Chutney

Red Pepper Chutney


Discover this surprising flavor, the Pepper Chutney, sweet and sour and very fresh, combines the flavors of red peppers, with the freshness and acidity of vinegar and lemon zest, ending with the particular and characteristic flavor of ginger.

Ideal for shredded fresh cod; smoked salmon; dried buffalo meat; sushi; fresh cheeses; or to accompany with fish; pork and beef dishes.

Red pepper (76%), sugar, vinegar, ginger, lemon zest and acidity regulator (citric acid). Average nutritional declaration per 3.53 oz: energy 102 kcal; fats 0.0 oz; of which saturated fat acids 0.0 oz; carbohydrates 0.8 oz; of which sugars 0.8 oz; proteins 0.0 oz; salt 0.0 oz.