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Rainha Cláudia Plum Extra Jam with Lemon Thyme

Rainha Cláudia Plum Extra Jam with Lemon Thyme


The 'Rainha Cláudia' plum extra jam with lemon thyme's unique characteristics are the result of combining the plum’s sweet flavour with the freshness and delicate scent of the lemon thyme. Grown in the Alto-Alentejo's interior region of Portugal's mailand for centuries, this green plum, 'Rainha Cláudia', has a unique specificity, that results from the specific climate and ecological conditions of the region, making it so distinctively unique from plums produced in any other regions. The plums adaptation to the particular soil and climate conditions of the region makes it's cultivate possible without the use of any pesticides, with the majority of the orchards in a perfect ecological balance.

It is perfect to use in rustic bread, shrimp bruschetta, grilled vegetables with cherry and ricotta, Parmesan cheese and eggs, sushi, steak sauces, roasted duck breast, pizzas, grilled pork, as well as in ice desserts, topping or filling for cakes, pear and blue cheese tarts, fraiche creme with peach and almond or quinoa milkshake with milk and vanilla.

Ingredients: 'Rainha Cláudia' plum (55%), sugar, lemon thyme (5%), gelling agent (pectin) and lemon juice. Prepared with 55 g of fruits per 100 g.