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Orange Extra Jam with Madeira Wine

Orange Extra Jam with Madeira Wine


The opulent juicy 'Algarve' orange, from the Southern region of Portugal's mainland, is a fruit with a sweet flavour and highly appreciated. The 'Madeira' wine “Malvasia” is a sweet wine, very fruity, with a dark amber color, with a complex taste of nuts, dried fruits, coffee and toffee, that we've combined with the orange to highlight the flavour of the fruit.

This fruit jam is ideal to use with Chinese chicken salad, roasted salmon sauces, shrimp spaghetti, grilled duck or roasted beef, as well as a topping for apricot cakes.

Ingredients: Orange (55%), sugar, 'Madeira' wine (1.3%), orange peel, gelling agent (pectin) and lemon juice. Prepared with 55 g of fruits per 100 g.