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Eucalyptus honey with "Passa" pear

Eucalyptus honey with "Passa" pear


Originating from the nectar of eucalyptus flowers, this honey is aromatic and presents with a light brown tone, full aroma, and taste that blends beautifully with other ingredients. With its many health benefits, this eucalyptus honey is considered a anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and stimulating product. The 'passa' pear comes from trees at 'São Bartolomeu' in Portugal's mainland. These fruits are of a regional variety and produced in young and compact orchards. The pears are carefully harvested and dried through a particular process that causes changes in flavor, colour, and texture, from the fresh pear to the 'passa' pear. The result is 'passa' pear, with a reddish brown colour and unique organoleptic properties, elastic, sweet and delightfully tasty.

This combination results in a product that is highly energetic and of sweet flavour. It's perfect for revitalizing your energy losses after a gym session. It's a pefect combination with bruschetta, rustic bread, sandwiches, peach with mascarpone and honey, grilled shrimp, lobster spaghetti or salads, ice-creams, or in your favourite cocktails (with vodka, vanilla, lemon, ginger and honey).

Ingredients: Honey (95%) and 'passa' pear (5%).