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Bravo de Esmolfe Apple Extra Extra Jam with Cinnamon

Bravo de Esmolfe Apple Extra Extra Jam with Cinnamon


This jam's extremely aromatic due to the juiciness and sweetness of the fruit taht combined with cinnamon, of pungent and hot taste, provides a delicate flavour with an intense cinnamon touch. This mixture's one of the most appreciated pairings of fruits and spices throughout the world. The 'Bravo de Esmolfe' apple, POD (Production Denominated Origin), is an apple with a unique scent, juicy, sweet and simultaneously acid. It's whitish soft pulp and skin sometimes presents some pinkish to reddish spots. Known since the 18th century, it has it's origins from the 'Esmolfe' village in 'Penalva do Castelo', in the Northern part of Portugal. There are studies indicating that this apple helps preventing several kinds of cancer diseases and also of heart diseases, due to its fibers and polyphenols composition, which reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

This fruit jam with its very peculiar characteristics, can be used to perfectly pair with Pretzels (traditional german breads), canapés, cheddar our goat cheese sandwiches, coucous salads, pork or chicken roasts, or lamb stew. It can also be used in fillings or toppings for muffins, donuts, ice-creams, macaroons, cheesecakes, crumbles, baked apples, crepes, pavlova or even oatmeal’s. It can be added to smoothies, whisky cocktails (with ginger, nutmeg, and lemon juice) and apple cider cocktails.

Ingredients: 'Bravo de Esmolfe' apple (55%), sugar, cinnamon (3.5%), gelling agent (pectin) and lemon juice. Prepared with 55 g of fruits per 100 g.